There Is Hope for Your Situation

There Is Hope for Your Situation

Consult an Alexandria, VA debtor defense lawyer

Are you being harassed by debt collectors in the Alexandria, Virginia area? Don’t get frustrated or intimidated by their aggressive tactics. Call Jonathan Y. Short, P.C. As an attorney with 30 years of experience, he knows how to safeguard your rights. He will:

  • Respond to creditor letters.
  • Advise you about your options.
  • Demand creditor companies prove they can collect the debt.

Jonathan Y. Short has helped clients save thousands of dollars. He’ll be honest about whether or not you need an attorney.

Call 703-465-5505 to request a consultation.

Succeed in your debt negotiation in Alexandria, VA

If you owe a creditor more than you can pay back, don’t worry. Jonathan Y. Short will negotiate on your behalf for a reduction of your debt or better repayment terms. He’ll prevent creditors from bugging you in the future. You’ll feel renewed confidence about your financial situation.

Call 703-465-5505 to request a consultation about your debt problems.